What You Should Know About Marijuana This Year

Reliable Information About Medical Marijuana

There are a lot of different sayings about the effects of marijuana. But not all are true. Have you even research for yourself to know the true effects of marijuana? Well then, let us study about these sayings so we can validated the authenticity of these statements.

You can be addicted to marijuana. This is wrong.
Marijuana is not a habit-forming. Alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine has higher possibility that a person can be addicted to it compared to marijuana as medical studies show. Marijuana and OxyCotin are mostly alike. OxyCotin is used as a painkiller in the history but was abused by the 20.4 million Americans in 2006. If being legalized, marijuana is safer to used the legalized OxyCotin.

II. Marijuana has a negative drawback in your body. FDA-approved drugs cause thousand of fatalities each year. While marijuana has no records of fatalities due to its consumption.There is no record of deaths yet from using marijuana. It is not true when the people think about marijuana causing cancer such as cigarette smoking causes cancer. A normal person who smoke cigarettes can consume twenty sticks or more everyday. Compared to the average number of average sticks in cigarettes, medicinal marijuana do not reach that highest level of consumption.

III. Marijuana deteriorates your immune system. This was concluded on a research about medicinal marijuana in 1980. The conclusion of the research held in 1980 is the only conclusion that states that answer. Marinol was even accepted by the FDA. An artificial form of THC, Marinol, is a legal drug that kills your immune system.

Marijuana cannot cure anyone medically. This is wrong, AIDS, arthritis, migraine, cancer, and anorexia can be treated with marijuana according to researches. It can also treat mental health problems such as insomnia, anorexia, depression, and anxiety. It is being currently researched if medicinal marijuana can treat Alzheimer’s disease too.

V. If decriminalized, it can be mistreated or illegally sold. It is pathetic to think that it cannot be legalized just because of the thought that it can be illegally sold or abused. But come to think of it, there a lot of different kinds of drugs that is being approved to the public that are addicting such as sleeping pills and painkillers. Also, if it can be used as a treatment for severe illness such as AIDS and can be used as extreme painkillers, why would still they choose to let the patients suffer and still not allow it to be a medicinal drug?

These are just some of the known folklores about medical marijuana. This topic can only be judged if you have already read enough information about this. The irrational myths about this medicinal plant should be corrected in order for the people to start accepting it as a miraculous plant and not an addicting one.
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