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The Work of Insurance Fraud Investigators

Insurance fraud investigation groups are highly trained experienced people who are explicitly qualified to detect insurance fraud. They have years of knowledge in managing many types of various investigations from commercial fraud through to private situations of fraud. That is why an increasing number of insurance companies are employing the services of their individual in-house insurance fraud investigators to help you them with the rising amount of claims. Unfortunately, through the years fraudulent insurance claims happen to be on the rise, whether it is claimed on house or contents insurance exactly where claimants try to say more than they’re entitled to following a robbery or fire for instance.

It may well be from a motor insurance claim whereby people in fact stage accidents to take advantage of the insurance claim. Insurance fraud investigation groups will verify virtually every claim no matter how minimal that given claim may be. A recent record suggested that one in ten people have in fact sent in a fraudulent insurance claim. So how can these companies go about in obtaining the proof that they require prosecuting people?

To begin with, a fraud investigator will examine through an insurance claim. They’ll then decide whether it is an authentic claim or not. Should they decide that it’s not an authentic claim, they will probably proceed with a few sort of covert surveillance operation.

Covert surveillance services will incorporate cellular phone surveillance, static surveillance and covert electronic monitoring. Covert surveillance groups use unmarked cars and vans, and occasionally even motorcycles are utilized in insurance fraud investigation claims. Cameras and videos are utilized to get the best possible results in case any proof is needed for virtually any legal matters that will arise such as court cases.

Static surveillance can be achieved from a constructing or an unmarked vehicle with the same products being used to acquire the relevant photos and evidence. Any data that is collected for the duration of any surveillance procedure is going to be documented and shown via a DVD, which may be utilized at a later date if required.

In the situation of covert electronic surveillance, things are accomplished otherwise. Discreet cameras might be set up to record people’s comings and goings whether it’s at a place of work or a residence. The cameras which are utilized in these cases are time and date sensitive that is of great make use of to any insurance coverage fraud investigation group.

The fraud investigators who have been designated to a case will have using only the absolute best state of the art surveillance devices, which can enable them to realize only the absolute best results. The insurance fraud investigation groups are carrying out their part to deal with against the people who submit fraudulent insurance claims, and every day they are making inroads into the rising number of claims and locating the people who are submitting them and prosecuting them appropriately.

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