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Understanding Table Saw Classification

When it comes to woodworking, a table saw is probably one of the most common tools that any woodworker would have in his studio. This large woodworking equipment has several types available in the market. An understanding of which type will best suit the need will greatly help in making the decision on which table saw to invest in.

Seasoned carpenters are likely to advise getting the table saw as part of the starting power tools for new woodworkers. Table saws are classified as with the cabinet type base or those with an open base. An open base table saw has a metal box that covers its internal parts, while the cabinet type’s enclosure extends up to the floor. Table saws that are cabinet type are more expensive and heavier than the open base class.

Table saws are further classified into four types. There are four main classes of table saws on the market, namely the benchtop table saws, cabinet saws, hybrid saws and the contractor saws. Durability and portability are the two factors that would-be woodworkers should consider when planning to buy a table saw. Among the four, the hybrid table saws are gaining popularity in the market nowadays. Compared to the cabinet table saw, the hybrid table saw is less expensive, but usually has the same features. Performance-wise, the hybrid table saw is also able to deliver the same performance with the contractor saws which are more expensive.
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The parts of the cabinet table saws contain more steel and cast iron making it less portable and heavier compared to the other three types. The advantage of this kind is it is more accurate compared to the types and has minimal vibration. Another feature of this type of table saw its improved dust collection system and easy to adjust gears. The benchtop table saw is the lightweight type. Compared to the other types, benchtop table saws do not have a very complex system, making it easier for beginners to use. To operate a benchtop table saw, woodworkers make use of a level supportive surface. Compared to the cabinet table saw, the contractor table saw is more mobile as it has wheels. This type is also heavy and large and are more expensive. Contractor table saws are usually the type that is commonly used by hobbyists and homeowners.
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Since the market offers different variations of these table saws, it is advantageous to have a strong knowledge of its differences. These saws are deemed as a must-have for every woodworker anywhere. With the strong knowledge of the different types of saws, it is easier to determine which kind to purchase.

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