The Path To Finding Better Photos

Social Media Images – A Way to Express Oneself

Photographs can be a powerful tool to communicate your emotions and ideals but of course this is only possible if you have the right pictures with you.

If you want to catch people’s attention then make sure you are able to present something that is catchy. Thus, it is said to say that photographs are vital especially in the field of social media.

People are mostly visual learners which in turns allow them to process photographs at a faster rate. What makes images an ideal way to convey one’s emotions and ideas is the prevailing fact that the human brain can recognize familiar things in a span of 100 milliseconds.

With the Right Images You Can Catch One’s Attention

The increasing number of social media users nowadays making it a perfect avenue to grab one’s attention using pictures. If you post something on social media and you add some pictures with it, there is a big possibility for people to be enticed to read further.

The reaction time that people have when they see color and images is very quick; it’s like one’s they see a catchy photo the brain commands them to know more details about it.

If you will just use any photos in your social media posts then more likely people will not be interested to read further hence the photos should be relevant to your target audience’s preferences. A good example is that if your target market are bachelors then sharing photos of families is not ideal. And so what you will focus is a photograph that will make your audience think and contemplate.

Varied Photos – A Means of Holding One’s Attention

Don’t just use photos that is similar in one or another for this will surely bore your readers or followers. The best way to keep them interested with your posts is to use varied images like candid pictures taken through mobile phones, banners made with the
, memes, stock images and more.

If you put variety in the images you posts then people will not think of your posts as outdated and boring. This minimizes the chances of your readers getting bored with photos that are constantly used.

It is not also ideal to use photos of yourself. After all this is not about you, it is about your audience.

Photos Help Your Audience Remember What You Want Them To Know

Research shows that people will only remember 10% of what they hear after 72 hours. Using relevant images will help people remember what you have shared even if three days have already passed.

If your purpose is to keep the general public interested with the brand that you are marketing then might as well use relevant image.

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