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4 Rules of Proper Logo Design

You can show what your business is about through its logo which in return benefits the company to promote their products, brands and services. As a matter of fact, this is a big help in terms of putting more stress on the goals and the objectives while developing reputation too.

For various companies, having a good looking and well made logo is what customers and clients associate with your brand. With a well designed and beautifully made logo design, it functions as a symbol for your brand which helps clients in identifying quickly the services and products you offer. Now when talking about branding, having the right logo design service is a critical component that should not be missed.

When you are designing logos, the next points can help you a lot.

Rule number 1. Simplicity – a common trend these days is a minimalist design or keeping your logo simple. You have to integrate your goal in your design too in order to develop brand recognition. Remember that the image of your business is shown by your logo.

Yes it is hard to make a graphic design that looks simple yet ticks all the boxes but it is the most basic that you should not forget.

Using complex icons are less encouraged as people have a harder time recalling it hence, the simpler the logo, the better.

Rule number 2. Clarity – you should know who exactly your target market are when choosing a brand icon. The determining factors for this one include the things that are expected from you and your demographics. First of all, the company’s logo is meant to convey the objectives and goals of your business. Check if it’s stressing tradition, speed, flexibility, power, connectivity, health and several other of your preferences.

Rule number 3. Typography – there’s the latest trend of simplistic design as far as making successful logo is concerned. This approach is totally fine so long as the logo is established as the graphic representation of the company. Big organizations have this branding capability which is not a surprise for most small businesses to lack of. Given that the other parts of the image are not being overpowered, merging small texts are fine. You have to choose the right fonts because the font alone is enough to change the message you want your logo to express.

Rule number 4. Color combination – color carries implication and they can vary in culture at the same time. You have to do research before you decide which colors might be suitable to your brand. Oftentimes, companies and organizations have definite brand color scheme which is translated to their logo as well.

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