My Tenants Are Happy with My Changes

I read a lot of property management publications because that is the business that I am in. I run a small apartment complex that has nearly three dozen units in it. I know that I am much smaller than a lot of the bigger places around, but that doesn’t meant that I show any less attention to what the tenants here want and need. That is one of the reasons why there is a waiting list for people who want to live here, because the word has gotten out that this is a complex that treats the tenants better than nearly any other complex in the area.

There is one journal that I follow on a regular basis. It is a very rare week if I don’t look there at least once a week, and sometimes it is even more because it gets updated on a regular basis. I am able to find out different trends, which is extremely helpful for someone in my position. I am also able to find out what tenants want because there are focus groups that find out these things. I don’t even have to ask my tenants because I am able to find out right from this journal.

This has helped me to implement new policies that make it easier for me and much more convenient for the tenants. The change that has had the biggest reception is the one where I changed the pet policy. I used to have size restrictions on dogs because that is what the older trend used to be. I had to laugh when I reconsidered this, because both of my dogs surpass the weight requirements. I knew that I would never want to go anywhere without them, so why would any of the tenants? It is things like that which has helped me out the most, and my tenants are all very happy with any of the changes that I make.

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