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The American School of Kuwait-All You Need to Know

You will find many American schools in Kuwait that focus their studies on teaching their students Math, Science, English as well as other disciplines. There is a school whose goals are different from other schools, and it’s known as the American School of Kuwait. This school concentrates on teaching its students Math, English and other subjects with an Islamic value which other institutions do not do. The school is huge and is has some of the most educated tutors that are skilled in a wide range of subjects. The American School of Kuwait doesn’t offer the ordinary subjects that other schools have. It has electives and subjects that can help their students to grow themselves and face the challenges in the real world.

The American School of Kuwait provides IB classes which are renown throughout the universities of the world to be some of the most giving and developing programs. Though the school’s location might not be convenient to most people due to heavy traffic in the area, you can still manage to access the school in good time in the morning. The American School of Kuwait has two separate schools for boys and girls. The reason for the two campuses is because it follows the Islamic traditions and according to these traditions, boys and girls should learn separately. It has two aspects-the education side and the physical side. The physical side of the school is made to build motivation in the students so as to make them special sportspeople through the physical education classes provided by well-trained coaches. These coaches ensure that they apply physical training in physically educating the students. The institution boasts of among the biggest artificial grass fields in Kuwait. The field is indeed enormous that when a fire drill is carried out by the school, all the pupils in the institution can stand in the field as they wait for further directions.

The American School of Kuwait has a security procedure plan in position plus it does a fire drill frequently to train the students and prepare them for any disasters that may happen within the school’s premises. The school also gets motivational speakers to inspire their pupils to do well in school and become better citizens. The boys’ campus has three buildings where one building is used for the kindergarten and elementary kids, the other by middle school and the last one for high school.
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Many of the teachers who teach English are Either American or Canadian. Because the school is large, it provides great amenities for the teachers and students like a gym, cafeteria and housing. It is a school that places a lot of emphasis on high educational value given to students. The teachers are also friendly and give the students all the help they need to achieve their goals.If You Think You Understand Resources, Then This Might Change Your Mind

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